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Updated 02/16/14

AutoSlot is still currently closed for sales.  WARNING!!! This part of my Web Site is Corrupted. The inner “PachiTalk” Link is Infected. Some of the links. : AS-06, Green Tap, Credit Add T/S, and Vol controls are Corrupted. The EXPLOIT:JS/Blacole.NX is causing the Problems. Due to this I have deleated all of the Links for now. Been almost 2 years Since I have manipulated a Web Site. A little Rusty. That and the Malware will take some Time to get all back in working Order. And Yes. . . I still have a PC Board purchase to

make. Before I can do that I have to finish the final design and testing of the new

AS-06 board which has enhancements to operate in many more of the newer Pachislo's

which do not use the traditional 30 pin stop boards. Also I am developing a Credit Add

only AutoSlot. This device will have to be wired directly to the inner door PC board as the

AS-06 and AS-Net has to be.

When ALL is up and Running I will let you all know..

My Best. . . "NIT"  (Brian) Yes.The E Mail Link is Safe to use.

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